Friday, December 28, 2007

Korean Feast!

Dear fellow friends,

The korean feast that we have been waiting for is finally here!

Venue: Dai Cheong Kam Korean Restaurant, Oakland, Seremban 2.
Time: 7.30 pm (but for SURE that most of us will arrive half and hour LATER... haha!)
The confirmed VIPs:
  • me (of course!)
  • Siew Yee
  • Poh Yan
  • Lily
  • May Jet
  • Kelly
  • Rose
  • Tsu Ann
  • Connie
  • Suet Mun
  • Vennie
  • Siow Mei
  • Sher Hui

There are some SUPER VIPs that didn't react to the emails thats already bombing everyone's mailbox. Luckily that Hotmail increases their capacity to 5Gb... Or else, sure berkecai after being bombed by emails. The majority emails I have in my Hotmails are flying emails from my pals...

The SUPER VIPs list:

  • Loky (where are you?)
  • Natalie (where are you too?)
Let me post some photos (only two) of the foods from Dai Cheong Kam. I went there once (with Siew Yee and WH) and the food there are fabulous, delicious, extravaganza, blah blah blah~ I ordered Bibim Bab (below) which are combination of vegetables, rice and egg served on piping hot stone bowl.

I ordered beef with rice. Look normal but it's super duper delicious! I shoved the food into my mouth right after it was served. Better eat it when it's hot! I didn't manage to take the picture of my meal, because I was too hungry that night. Just remember that never judge the food by it's look.

Below are the Korean table setting for each table. There are 12 small, mini size appetizers ranging from kimchi, potato salad, baby octopus, preserved tau fu, preserved kangkung, fried tauge, fried kerang, fried squid, fried ikan bilis... and the list go on. I wonder whether the table setting will be the same tomorrow?Doesn't it look cute? All the appetizers are served in small small plates in small small portion. I can't wait to meet up with my friends tomorrow, some which I didn't meet for ages (yes, Suet Mun, I didn't meet up with you ever since we left high school!). As we are getting older, the least time we able to spent with friends, as we are busy with working life, home and love.

As for my new resolution for the new year 2008, one of it will be... SPENDING LESS TIME IN WORK (GO HOME PRECISELY ON TIME!) & SPEND MORE QUALITY TIME WITH FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES. Amen...

2 *twinkles*:

Roses said...

i am heading there later w my'll be her first...hopefully she will enjoy it and of course, hopefully there will be a 10% if he ever remembered...adios

Mei Wah said...

so how, roses? that uncle remembers you? got give u and your mum 10% discount?


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